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"My favorite are the cheese wafers!!"
     Jasper, Belmont, NC

"I love me some carob!!"
     Wrinkles, Belmont, NC

"Those puppies better stay away from my paw pop!!"
     Tessa, Morganton, NC

Our 141lb Newfie (he has lost 14 lbs.) started eating his stocking to get to the bag of your treats Christmas morning! He went crazy he liked them so much. He took another bag out of my husband’s hands and ripped open the package to get to more of them. We had to put the three bags up where the dogs could not get them because it was getting seriously crazy!

Now they are in a sealed jar and when my husband gives them to the boys, Bob takes his and goes into the other room so he can savor it all by himself. We have never seen him behave this way in 10 years.

No idea what you have in those things, but they are a super big hit at our house.

Thanks for making a great product. Good luck.

The Procks

Kelly's K-9 Kitchen, Belmont, North Carolina, Watson